Drug Free Workplace

A Drug Free Workplace program is different than a DOT Federal Drug Testing Program because it is not required by law. A drug free workplace policy forms the foundation for a drug free workplace program. In addition to a policy, our comprehensive program includes supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance and any drug testing that may be required. DDTA Services, Inc. can help you customize a policy tailored specifically towards your business. We can also provide you with all the materials you need, including online training, educational literature, help locating a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for employees that may need rehab services, and locating and setting up testing facilities near you. In some states, the Bureau of Workers Compensation offers reduced rates on Workers Compensation Insurance premiums for companies that implement a Drug Free Workplace program. Contact DDTA Services, Inc. for more information and get set up today.

5 Components of a Drug Free Workplace:
  • Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Education
  • Employee Assistance
  • Required Drug Testing
Instant Drug Tests:
  • Non-DOT tests only
  • Laboratory confirmation available