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​DDTA Services Inc. is a drug and alcohol testing consortium and third party administrator, administering federally mandated, random and drug free workplace drug testing programs. Our services include: collection of urine specimens, laboratory tests, medical review officer (MRO) services, record keeping, federal reporting and random selection of employees to be tested. When you contract with D.D.T.A. Services Inc., we will handle all aspects of your drug free workplace or federal DOT random drug testing program. We have been providing our clients nationwide service since 1991.

Consortium Features:

  • Nationwide Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Participation in a computer generated drug and alcohol random testing pool
  • Employee/Supervisor substance abuse / alcohol misuse training available
  • Full services of a certified Medical Review Officer (M.R.O.)
  • Confidential and centralized record keeping
  • Computerized reporting that meets D.O.T. guidelines
  • Substance Abuse Profressional (S.A.P.) referral program
  • Timely updates on pending regulation changes
  • One uniform lab quarterly activity report for all your tests
  • Nationwide D.O.T. and S.A.M.S.H.A. approved drug and alcohol collection & testing sites
  • D.O.T. STT alcohol testing & training certification
  • D.O.T. Drug Test Collector training and certification


In addition to D.O.T. drug testing programs, D.D.T.A. Services Inc. can also help companies who do not fall under Federal D.O.T. drug testing regulations (such as factories and department stores) to implement a drug free workplace program to help reduce the rate of drug and alcohol related accidents and occurances at work. In some States, the Bureau of Workers Compensation offers reduced rates on Workers Compensation Insurance premiums for companies who implement drug free workplace programs. Contact DDTA Services Inc. to find out how a drug free workplace program can benefit your company!